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Welcome to my High Voltage projects sections. Projects in this section deals with High Voltage. High Voltages can be used for a number of things: X-Ray generation, particle accelerators, LASERs, electromagnetic weapons, special effects, electrostatic cleaners, ozone generation, and etcetera. High voltages are however also very dangerous.

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Flyback driver and experiments
Simple and easy High voltage using a television flyback transformer. Up to 20kV at 20kHz. Here you will find comprehensive instructions to build you own flyback driver. Videos and pictures of flyback arcs and runs available as well as other experiments like jacob's ladder.
Ignition Coil Experiments
All my experiments dealing with Ignition coils. Including jacob's ladder, attempted plasma globe, and lots of arcs! Pictures and videos of it in action! Also includes ultra simple but ultra powerful coil driver!
Jacob's Ladders
Jacob's ladders - The Climbing Arc. Includes comprehensive explanation on what they are and how they work. Also includes plans to make one. My collection of different ladders, large or small, powered from flybacks to Microwave oven transformers etcetera  are all here! Videos and pictures of ladder in action available!
Marx Generators
Detailed description on marx generators - simple and easy voltage multipliers involving only capacitors and resistors. Includes my marx generator endeavors and projects. The clever way of charging capacitors up in parallel and discharging them in series. Extremely high voltages achievable.

Plasma Globe experiments

Plasma Globes - Like lightning in a bottle! Learn what plasma globes are and how they work, as well as how to make your very own plasma display as well as making suitable and easily made drivers and power supplies.

Flyback Driven Plasma Globe

Tesla Coils
Tesla Coils:
Design, Theory and Construction details of Tesla coils! Learn to Make One yourself! (under construction)
40mm Coil 1: My first ever (180W) tesla coil! Comprehensive construction index all to way to testing and results!
4" Coil 2: The new 4" Coil powered by a dual MOT power supply at 3kW!

High Voltage Projects Page
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Warning: High Voltage, Electrocution Danger. Do not attempt projects.