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This is the freehand gallery. All pieces are hand-drawn, in ink, pencil, paint, etc and are scanned in and digitized. Some images have been bordered or slightly enhanced to bring out a more realistic effect (due to poor scanning quality). Click the thumbnail to see a full view. A short description is on the right of each thumbnail. Enjoy.


Black Cat

A black cat, with the moon. Black ink on paper.
I got this idea from an artwork from ~johnnywedge.
It's just a simple sketch; about 1 hour of work.




Black Dog

A black dog, with the sun. Black ink on paper.
Drawn as a sequel to Black Cat.
Another simple sketch; about 1 hour of work.

Death Tree

The Death Tree.
Inspired by an artwork from ~asunder.
Pen on paper micron .25 pen.
Grunged up slightly in Photoshop 7

Simple and fast sketch from my sketchbook.


This one was done for my great friend, Nicole Quah. Black 0.5 pilot G2. Completed 9th Jul 04. Almost 4 hours+ of work, but it turned out great!
Very sleek and elegant. View in full.

For my wonderful friend. Cheryl Quah.
It's engraved in a block of clear acrylic using a penknife.
Around 4hrs+ of work. Scanned in with a scanner, Coloured in Photoshop.


Another of my composite inked drawings. About 2 hours of work.

Inked Chaos

A mosaic of different ideas.
Drawn with a black 0.5 Pilot G2 pen on paper.
Bordered in Photoshop 7

This piece was done mostly during spare time in school.
Estimated 3 hours of work. I like the details; view in full.

Fellow ISEFian YouJia.  Pilot G2/G1 Blue 0.5 on paper, May - Dec 28 2005
Around 4hrs of work even though very detailed.
Unfortunately area density is not very consistent. View in full.

This one was done for a friend. Black 0.5 pilot G2.
Almost 3hrs of work, but it turned out nice.
Thee letters aren't well shaped though.
However, I like the details. View in full.

My friend requested me to draw this. I believe he wanted to give it to his friend. Black 0.5 Pilot G2 on Ink. Almost 3 hours of work, but I am happy with the result. View in full.

My Dreamhouse

A house, from a dream, with a dreamy atmosphere.
Inspired by an artwork from ~dwoot

Pen on paper micron .25 pen, and bordered in Photoshop 7
Almost 2 hours of work, but I'm happy with the result.

Chinese Bookmarks

A collection of 8 bookmarks done for a Chinese assignment.
Color pencils on drawing block material.
Chinese characters in ink.


Round the Colourful World

Colour pencils and Ink.
Colourful and lively. But simple.

From a Storybook

Done in ink, micron .25 pen. 1 to 2 hours. From my sketchbook.
Depicts a storybook, full of live sprouting out of it.
Many different details. Inspired by many books.

The Forest and the waterfall

1 hour. Coloured pencils on paper.
A forest, with waterfalls.


Arrow Beast

1st in a 3 part series.
An imaginary beast, with an arrow.
Pen on paper.
Grunged up and tinted in Photoshop.

Meat Machine Animal

2nd in a 3 part series.
An attempt at mechanical creatures.
Pen on paper.
Grunged up and tinted in Photoshop.


Hanging from a Tree

3rd in a 3 part series.

Pen on paper.
Grunged up and tinted in Photoshop.

Interesting eyes.

The sunny side of Starry Night

Oil pastels on Drawing block material
Inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Colourful and lively.

Returning Home

Oil pastels and water colour
Inspired by Tay Bak Koi's Returning home

I like the colours.

House, Path and Trees.

Thick water colour.


Machines 1

Some vehicles, crane and carrier. 19th Aug 2003

Geography File cover design 2003

Just a simple design. On the left is the original, on the right is edited with the computer, and produced an interesting design.

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